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YOU Didn't Get FAT From Breathing! 90-Day Intensive Program!
The 90-day intensive program is an E-Program containing:

  1. One 15-minute private coaching consultation session with Dr. Gary Grossman
  2. Introduction Lesson
  3. 12 Weekly Lessons for three months, each with Mandatory Homework
  4. 100-Percent Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied after the Introduction and the first two Weekly Lessons #1 and #2. Guarantee expires when you receive Lesson #3.

Says Dr. Gary: “My recommendation is you sign up for and complete the 90-Day Intensive Program FIRST. See how it works for you.”

90 Day Intensive – $250.00 USD


If you are interested in greater one on one support, please check out the following opportunities:

Private Weight Loss Coaching
Many people can do the 90-Day Intensive Program on their own. Others need individualized support.

Sign up for individual coaching after your FREE individual 15 minute consultation with Dr. Gary Grossman, if it seems beneficial at that time.

$175.00 USD/hr

Four-Week Private Coaching Package
One hour per week, and can be spread out over two months.

$625.00 USD (save $75)

Eight Week Private Coaching Package
One hour per week can be spread out over four months.

$1200.00 USD (save $200)


12-Week Private Coaching Package
One hour per week, and spread out over six months.

$1750.00 USD (save $350)

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