Frequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions should answer most everything you need to know. so that you can proceed with clarity and confidence.

1. Does This Program Work?

Good question.


This program works as long as you work the program! I cannot DO the work for you! Like I told you before, there is no magic. You have to do your part. This or any other weight loss program cannot work unless you DO the work consistently and forever.

I promise that the content of this program is clear and simple. I teach you what and how to do the MINDSET necessary for success. Mastery of the concepts requires dedication and practice.

“Practice make perfect.” as the old saying goes. Reading and understanding without DOing the required homework and practicing it until it becomes second nature, creates knowledge and the illusion of change, “BuT” doesn’t create change. A different MINDSET and Targeted and practiced Behavior Change creates long term and permanent change.

nomagicI provide varying degrees of support, as necessary, to help you overcome the real challenges of losing weight and keeping it off for the rest of your life! Please see the Choose Your Program tab for further information.

This program is your opportunity to learn new information so that you can face, practice and changes truths about the way you currently eat, hydrate, exercise and relieve stress.

doctor_maleThrough this program and with the support of your physician, for any confounding medical conditions, you will learn how to willingly integrate those truths with wise, honest, sometimes provocative MINDSET.

By making these changes, you will confront your previous difficulties, instead of repeating them. You will learn to develop, implement and sustain your personalized, created by you, Fat Fight Plan that lasts forever.

2. Have you been successful with other overweight people?

Yes. This program works for motivated, otherwise successful people who are 15 lbs overweight or more, who are chronically struggling with YoYo Fat, gaining and losing, losing and gaining, and who are determined to succeed and willing to develop, with my help, their own lifelong weight loss program.

3. Why are you the person to help me?

I have the courage, experience and wisdom to tell you the truth about what you can and need to do to win Your Fight with Fat. I don’t pull punches to make you feel good, make unreal promises or make the assumption that I can do this for you.
You “Gotta” DO Different DO and both you and I know that.

I make the process, clear and simple. I teach you how to volunteer to do your part and during the program will support you in the real challenges of losing weight and keeping it off forever!

4. Do you help me lose weight or just talk about it?

choiceI help you learn the knowledge, the NEW MINDSET and Behavior Changes necessary to succeed and support you about what and how to DO differently than you have chronically done before.

I recommend. You Decide. The CHOICE to follow the recommendations is yours.

A compelling argument for self directed MINDSET, Belief and Behavior Change is presented with clear, easy to follow steps.

This program is not about reading or talking. It is about you learning to and then actually practicing and behaving differently with new information and support.

5. Do you have any type of guarantee on your program?

Yes. If you DO what the program tells you to DO, you will lose weight and keep it off forever.

guaranteeIf after you’ve read the 3 Day Mini Course, Introduction, Lessons One and Two, have done the homework and emailed it in and you decide that you are not interested in continuing the program, you can request your money back.

As long as you do this before receiving Lesson Three, you will get a full refund. No Questions asked. The 3 Day Mini Course, Introduction, Lessons One and Two are yours to keep.

If you want, you can request a FREE, confidential fifteen minute phone consultation with Dr. Grossman to discuss your concerns, before or during this program.

Hint: Usually, it is fear and lack of trusting your own abilities that interfere with your commitment.

6. Do all overweight people have the same problems with food?

No. Please make sure that you check with your doctor to assure that your excess weight is the result of improper eating, hydration, exercise and stress relief habits and not caused by any other medical and/or psychological conditions.

If these exist, you should seek medical and/or psychological treatment.

This program depends on “normal” people with “normal” abilities following sound, common sense practices, who are willing to learn, implement and regularly practice some major MINDSET shifts in paradigms, beliefs and behaviors as outlined in this program.

It is about you changing your MINDSET and Behaviors, with support, as you learn to make these changes permanent.

7. How do I stop eating so much?

You will learn how to stop eating so much by learning how to tame and bypass your urges and cravings before they overtake you.

By willingly following this program, you will learn to trust that you have the knowledge and support of what and how to do what you need to do before it happens. This will ease your stress, anxiety and powerless feelings.

By developing a voluntary, clear Fat Fight Plan that you are truly willing to follow and modify for the rest of your life, you can and will consciously take charge of what you eat and drink, thereby eating and drinking differently and less.

In addition, you will learn how to do this without feeling deprived or overwhelmed.

You will also learn to develop clear and consistent aerobic and strength training exercise and stress relief programs that supplement and compliment your eating and drinking.

8. Are you going to help me with an exercise routine with this program?

scaleYes and No. Since I am a wellness MINDSET and Behavior Change coach, not a fitness coach, I am going to encourage you to develop a regular, safe cardiovascular and strength training program. I will make basic common sense recommendations leaving the more sophisticated aspects to more qualified professionals.

If you need additional help and support with that process, consult with a professional trainer after consulting with your physician to avoid any inappropriate activities.

9. Are you going to help me with a specific diet or nutrition plan as part of this program?

Yes and No. I am an expert about MINDSET and Behavior Change not a physician, dietician or nutritionist. I will, however, provide you with many timeless principles of healthy eating that you can build into the Fat Fight Plan of your CHOOSING.

My experience has taught me that it is improper mindset and faulty chronic behaviors that interferes with successful weight loss. In my experience, people with faulty mindsets and behaviors fail to comply with even with the most nutritious and delicious meal plans designed and prepared by experts, including personal chefs. After a short while, they go back to their old habits.

You need to develop the APPROPRIATE MINDSET first. You need to apply the principles taught in YOU Didn’t Get FAT From Breathing!TM and become an expert in implementing and practicing these principles as your foundation before adding meal, exercise and stress relief plans to your newly developed MINDSET and Behaviors.

Short term medically approved solutions are an excellent jump start to help you lose weight more rapidly. They can be coordinated with this program so that you learn the necessary LONG TERM MINDSET and Behavior Changes while benefiting from medically approved of short term weight loss solutions.

Once you have the NEEDED MINDSET and Corrected Behaviors in place, you can then, if you need this kind of structure, seek out and apply the meal plans offered by any of the lifelong wellness and eating programs to help with the details of what to eat, how much and when. The eventual goal of this program is to help you develop your personal Dr. I WannaWanna® Fat Fight Plan so that you can eat “normal healthful food” chosen and prepared by you.

10. How much weight can I expect to lose after this program?

That answer depends on you. You determine how much you want to lose. The easy part is finally knowing what to do and how and knowing that you can do it for as long as you CHOOSE! Then you need to do the work that is necessary to take it off and keep it off forever.

Your body type, your consumption, your exercise, your stress and your willingness to do something different are major factors that I can’t predict or control.

Like I said before: YOU Didn’t Get FAT From Breathing!TM is based on honesty not hype. No promises of 30 pounds in 30 days that lasts forever without continued discipline and compliance on your part.

My job is to teach you what and how to do, when, where and with whom and to make the process clear and simple to understand, so that you can really do all that you need to do to succeed.

The part that neither your doctor nor I can do for you is to follow the recommendations as outlined by this program. That is your job.

As you learn the process taught in this program, you can determine for yourself the amount of weight loss you intend to lose.

Your weight will come off over time. Keep up the process, adjust accordingly and you can lose whatever weight you CHOOSE to! You can keep it off forever, as long as, you DO this New DO forever!

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