Is This You?

Is This You?

weightMy ideal candidates are people like you who are seeking help and who are absolutely, positively serious about finally losing their excess weight and keeping it off forever.

They accept that they Got Fat! Want to Lose Fat! And Want to Keep It Off Forever!

They appreciate Truth when presented in a clear, direct manner. It empowers them and doesn’t frighten them. How about you?

They are frustrated at their previous failed attempts and tired of buying and following secrets promising them immediate miracles without requiring the personal responsibility and changes necessary for truly eating, drinking, exercising and relieving stress differently.

They accept that the most important factors in their weight loss are their own willingness to learn new information and to behave differently and consistently, adjusting as necessary, and for the rest of their lives.

They accept that they must follow these new instructions for the rest of their lives because if they don’t they will revert back to old MINDSETS, habits and behaviors. They accept that the only way they can fail this program is if you fail to cooperate with what is required and quit forever!

My ideal candidates have succeeded at other significant aspects of their lives.

They know that when they know what to DO how to DO, when, where and with whom and have the support necessary to succeed, they have succeeded.

They believe and know that with honest information and support, they CAN SUCCEED AGAIN!

They are prepared to change their MINDSET and failing behaviors starting NOW!

They know that they are smart, capable and willing to comply with their doctor’s orders.

If they have any underlying medical or psychological programs, they get them treated. They are compliant patients, cooperating with their provider(s) and getting the treatment they require. They understand and accept that this program is not a substitute for psychotherapy.

They trust their doctor and know and accept that their physician’s/therapists recommendations truly are in their best interest.

They are also willing to trust their own judgment about what they read on this website and that it lines up with what they believe.

They are willing to invest in this program, to read the information, then DO the mandatory homework and email it in as directed.

They understand and accept the 100% money back Guarantee:

They know that they have the ability to continue to success or can always quit before Lesson Three for a full refund. No questions asked. Their right to decide for themselves will be respected.

They know that the CHOICES, opportunities and health consequences are theirs.

How About You?

Are you prepared to face the truth about your excess weight and to allow your doctor and me to help you lose your excess weight and keep it off forever?

We’ll see.

Your future MINDSET and Behaviors will determine your outcome!

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